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Loïc Aufrère

Fonction : Senior Consultant

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Engineer and Doctor in Mechanical & Energy engineering, Loïc Aufrère always worked in the area of thermal questions for Industry. He developed this specialty during the last 15 years by working for heavy industrial customers like ArcelorMittal, Alcan, Saint Gobain, ... where he put in place customized solutions. All industrial installations where heat transfers, combustion phenomena and flow circulations occur, arouse his curiosity.


The objectives of the different missions he exercised were always related to production & productivity, quality, reliability, energy saving or environmental impact reduction.

The solutions finally chosen were not always the most common. The variety of missions Loïc exercised, for multiple industrial processes, allowed him being very polyvalent and to consider the processes in their globality.


Each industrial customer is a specific case, with his own constraints, and Industry in general must be maintained and sustained. Loïc exercises his missions in that frame, helping industries in their strategic choices.

Recently, he became a free-lance consultant and regularly helps 3j-Consult in the projects where his expertise is required.