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Jean Michel Dols

Fonction : Consultant Expert

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An electromechanical civil engineer who also holds a degree in economics and business administration from University of Liege, Jean-Michel Dols has more than 30 years' experience in a range of areas, mainly industry-oriented. 

After working in academia for several years (as an assistant at the Thermodynamics and Building Physics Laboratory at University of Liege), he held various technical and management industrial engineering functions for just over 15 years (CMI, Owens Corning), specialising in the management of complex projects, often for export. 

Jean-Michel Dols then steered his activity towards consulting and self-employed project management, working on numerous industrial projects and on development of the industrial energy audit methodology used in the framework of branch agreements, in close collaboration with Econotec, BCT and Arcadis Engineering. It was during this period that he met Jean-Claude Adriaansen and Jacques Michotte and started collaborating with 3j-Consult. 

After a five-year period during which he served as Local Project Manager for an American firm as part of development of the first Google data centre outside the USA (in Belgium, near Mons), he took up a position with 3j-Consult and participated in the development and structuring of the firm's activities. 

Jean Michel Dols is currently the Chief Executive Officer of 3j-Consult and is primarily in charge of operational, commercial, strategic and human resource aspects, in collaboration with the entire management team.