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Feasibility study and engineering for heat networks

3j-Consult uses its experience in industrial thermal engineering to calculate the size of and analyse the functioning of heat networks, whether existing (for purposes of optimisation) or in the project stage.

3j-Consult has already worked on many types of heat networks, including industrial steam networks and district hot water-based heating systems.

Based on its analyses, 3j-Consult can assist the client with implementation/optimisation of such networks.

Our study takes the following elements into account:

  • Heat production: calculation of size, heat balance of boiler house, analysis of the potential for recovery of waste heat (on industrial furnaces), etc.
  • Heat distribution and state of the network: corrosion (ultrasound measurements), detection of leakage and thermal losses (infrared measurements), evaluation of investments needed for network maintenance and state of heat exchangers;
  • Heat needs and consumption: assessment of net heating needs of existing buildings or of those to be connected to the system.

The study is summarised through different financial plans allowing establishment of a relevant investment strategy.