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Audits of installations


L3j-Consult calculates heat and material balances to obtain a "snapshot" of the installation for different operating modes. This is an effective way to improve the understanding of a process with a view to optimising it and/or establishing a diagnosis. For this type of assignment, the balances are based on measurements obtained from the client's equipment and from additional measurements, with redundancy kept to a minimum. This way of working permits cross-checking with the model and rapid detection of any measurement errors.


Industry :

  • chemicals (Prayon)
  • agri-food (Beneo – Orafti, Sevalmeat)
  • steel (NLMK Clabecq, NLMK La Louvière, Industeel Belgium, Industeel Creusot, etc.)


  • better understanding of thermal-fluid aspects of the process;
  • effective diagnostic method;
  • detection of any measurement errors.