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Energy audits for industry


In the framework of second-generation branch agreements, comprehensive energy audits have been carried out at more than 50 industrial sites. The audit takes place in two stages.

  • Detailed analysis of all energy flows with a view to drawing up the table of energy consumption levels;
  • identification and technical and economic analysis of ways to enhance energy use in production, utilities and buildings, as well as the organisational and informational aspects.


Industrial sites have been audited in the following sectors:

  • agri-food
  • chemicals
  • petrochemicals and the production of polymers (PE, PP, PVC, PS)
  • steel (hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, galvanizing and electro-galvanizing lines, etc.)
  • printing
  • quarries
  • metal manufacture
  • logistics of cold storage for food


At each site, two indicators were developed to evaluate energy and CO2 emissions efficiency from year to year, without being influenced by any structural or cyclical developments. An improvement target was set and a range of potential technical and financial solutions proposed linked to the different energy vectors of the plants (electricity, gas, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, steam, cold, compressed air, process water, materials recovered for energy production, etc.), the process and the buildings.