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Energy audits for the tertiary sector


Energy audits have been conducted for large buildings in the tertiary sector. They are structured stepwise, the first step being to analyse the energy performance of the building's different components:

  • the building envelope
  • the heating system
  • the domestic hot water system 
  • the ventilation system
  • the refrigerating system 
  • lighting
  • other power-consuming systems 

The second step is focused on analysing the evolution of annual and monthly consumption of different energy vectors (gas, fuel, electricity, coal, etc.) and establishing specific consumption levels and breakdown by use. 

The third step of the audit consists of analysing malfunctions, identifying ways to obtain improvement and assessing them relative to the energy and financial gains that will result. These options are ranked by order of priority with an estimate of their cost-effectiveness.


Supermarkets (i.e. Intermarché in Orp-Jauche, Décathlon in Mons)


The audit leads to the development of a comprehensive action plan for the improvement of energy efficiency or evaluation of the relevance of an investment to enhance rational use of energy or to opt for renewable energy sources or quality cogeneration.