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Cogeneration feasibility studies


Feasibility studies are performed in accordance with the rules dictated by Wallonia through its cogeneration facilitator. They include the following steps:

  • Thermal measurements: measurements of heat consumption (temperature and debit) at the starting point and return of the main distribution network in order to quantify needs and their variation over a full week;
  • Thermal needs established in terms of the heat need profiles of the different entities to which heat will be provided by the cogeneration installation;
  • Power needs established on the basis of power profiles;
  • Size calculation, integration and cost-effectiveness of the cogeneration unit.


  • Industry (Rossel Printing Company, Boortmalt, Bfan, Mondelez Rhisnes)
  • Hospitals (CHU Vésale, GHdC Charleroi, CHU Mont-Godinne)
  • Tertiary sector (Obanoa)


A comprehensive feasibility report that details measurements, assumptions used in calculations, figures from the study and cost-effectiveness parameters (simple payback, net present value and internal rate of return).